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Message from the Lil' Sass creator

Lil Sass character (1).png

We are so excited for you and the kids in your life to meet and accompany these Lil’ Adventurers as they learn to feel emotions in a healthy and responsible way. In 2018, when we released the first three adventures of the series (Lil’ Sass and the Adventure of Anger, Lil’ Sass and the Adventure of Sadness, and Lil’ Sass and the Adventure of Joy), we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback from parents, caregivers, and teachers who shared how much the books were helping with their own emotional health. This wasn’t surprising because, in our own experience in working with adults, we have learned that sometimes it takes a child to ignite their own emotional wellness journey. Our children often act as little mirrors of our own unresolved issues. They show us our desire to offer the next generation the awareness and tools that we did not receive.

In the latest additions to the series, we have introduced new characters of different races, cultures, social identities, and lived experiences in collaboration with the real-life adventurer who inspired each story. This brought a greater depth to the stories as we address not only emotional health but also important social and cultural justice topics of our time.

We believe children are far more intelligent, wise, and aware than many adults credit them for, which is why addressing emotional wellness along with these related social justice themes feels important.

These topics are not always easy to address. It is our biggest hope that these adventures, along with the accompanying resources, support you as much as they support the children in your life. We share them with you with deep gratitude and respect. Remember what Mrs. Moo says, “Feeling is a gift you give yourself!” 

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